Friday, March 11, 2016

3 Weeks Update

Emma is three weeks old today!

She weighs 7 lbs 11 oz. and is starting to fill out. I'm so happy that she's gaining weight so well. As a nursing mom, that makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.

She is getting more and more alert every day. She eats every 2-3 hours, more often in the evening. We're getting into more of a routine for nighttime. She eats about every 3 hours most nights. I'm not quite as tired lately which I'm guessing is because my body is adjusting to the lack of sleep.

Last week, we took Emma to church for the first time. Earlier than I'd intended, but we didn't let anyone touch her. :o)

She's great at rolling over on her side. She also loves to be held, and her favorite spot is against my chest (which I love). Lately she's started making this growling sound while eating, mostly at night. If she gets a little irritated, she growls. It's adorable!

Looking forward to seeing how much she grows next week!


  1. I love following your mommy-journey! My friend Noelle is coming home from the hospital with her little boy today. :) So sweet seeing all these baby pictures. If the Lord allows me to marry and have children, it'll be a consolation to know at least two friends who have walked the road before. :) I wish you lots of restful nights in the coming days!

    1. Oh, Natalie, it's so much more than anything I imagined. If I didn't have my sisters and mom around to ask for advice, I'd be in trouble. :)