Sunday, January 10, 2016

32 Weeks Update

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 32 weeks, 5 days (Third Trimester)

Size of baby: Approximately 19 inches and 3.9 lbs. Her heart rate was 136 at my doctor's appointment this week.

Maternity Clothes: Well, I've got to say I'm a fan of pants/skirts that stretch around my belly. My jeans fit, but they aren't too comfortable.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Her movements have changed during this week or so. They've gotten VERY pokey to the point of almost hurting. I'm thinking she's grown more and my belly hasn't caught up yet, so she's running out of room. Ha! It's still amazing to feel her though. And reassuring.

Oh, and the NP who checked our little girl's heart rate said our baby was the most active baby she'd seen--and she's seen a lot of babies move. Baby B had the hiccups too which was adorable to "hear" when the heartbeat was interrupted by a hiccup.
Sleep: The other night, after working a super long day, I slept pretty good. Other nights I can't get comfortable. I've read about fancy pillows, but I can't justify buying one when I have less than two months to go. Maternity stuff seems so overpriced.
What I miss: I know I'm going to miss being pregnant, so I'm trying not to complain too much. I miss the feeling of being "normal", but I also love being pregnant. It's confusing which shouldn't shock you, coming from a pregnant girl
Cravings: Nothing particular, but my appetite is growing. Trouble is, if I eat a full meal, my stomach gets super uncomfortable. There's not room for baby and a full stomach.

Symptoms: Extra swelling this week. My ankles haven't gone back to normal this week. Some moments my wedding rings don't fit. And I hate when they don't because I already don't look my age anyway. My rings make me feel like a grown woman, so to speak, and I don't like just wearing them on a necklace. Especially when I'm at work and around patients.

Also: Braxton-Hicks, pressure, sleepiness, occasional heartburn...basically, I feel like a woman in her third trimester.
What I'm Looking Forward To: 37 weeks. At that point, I'll feel like I've "made it". I don't want a premature baby, but I also can't imagine going to 40 weeks. Reading pregnancy blogs is making me antsy for the big day as well. Once I hit the point where she'll be healthy enough to deliver, I'll be living on my exercise ball trying to coax her to make her appearance.

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