Sunday, January 3, 2016

31 Weeks Update

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 31 weeks, 5 days (Third Trimester)

Size of baby: Approximately 18 inches and 3.2 lbs. But who knows how big she really is--that's just what my pregnancy app tells me.

Maternity Clothes: Wearing my jeans is still possible, but scrub bottoms and yoga pants are much more comfortable. My normal shirts don't seem long enough to cover my growing stomach.
Gender: A sweet girl!

Movement: As I'm writing this, I can feel her moving evvvverywhere. A few minutes ago she had the hiccups which I think is the cutest thing ever.
Sleep: Oh, I wish I could sleep through the night. Just once or twice.
What I miss: Drawing less attention. I walked into Wal-Mart today and stopped to pull a cart free. When I did, an employee asked if I was okay. Which is very considerate. But then she said I looked like I might be in pain.
I didn't take it as a compliment. :/
Cravings: I have a pickle jar beside me right now.

Symptoms: All the normal stuff from the past few weeks, plus extra backaches. This week was especially stressful (due to a huge mess with insurance), so my emotions were all over.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery organized (clothes put away, furniture painted and arranged, etc.) Having my first shower. Seeing this little girl that I can't stop imagining.

All in all, pregnancy is a blessing, and I wouldn't ever want to come across as a complainer because I know some women would love to be pregnant even if the symptoms can be aggravating at times. I'm thankful for this little girl, no matter that my stomach is feeling too heavy for my skin to hold. I have a sweet husband to enjoy this time with, and the Lord has been incredibly good to us.

Only 8 weeks and 2 days to go!

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