Thursday, June 18, 2015

Until The Harvest by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Sarah Loudin Thomas's newest novel Until The Harvest presents an authentic look into life in West Virginia in 1976. Thomas's writing has a simple, charming style that fits the story's time period and sweeps the reader into the lives of Henry Phillips and Margaret Hoffman.
 To be honest, at first, I had trouble connecting with Henry and Margaret, but I LOVED the setting. And this cover--oh my word, beautiful! Plus, visiting the characters from Miracle In A Dry Season was a pleasure.
Thomas's books also feature characters who seem to be magical. Admittedly, I didn't get this until I visited the author's website and read this: "My [Sarah's] books feature characters who seem to have the ability to perform one of Christ’s miracles. In the first book, Miracle in a Dry Season, it’s feeding the 5,000 and in the second, Until the Harvest, it’s healing."
That part of the story was intriguing.
I did guess parts of the plot, but the book has such a smooth, languid feeling that I didn't mind. There's not much that I love more than the South; therefore, I was meant to appreciate this novel.
Here's part of a scene I think you'll like:
"Slinging droplets from his numbed fingers, Henry considered the crystal water. It was beautiful. He bet there would be moss and ferns come summer. Mayfair would appreciate how pretty this was. A smooth white stone gleamed in the shallows. He reached for it, gritting his teeth against the cold sinking into his bones. The force of the water tumbled it once, twice before he snatched it into the frigid air."
See how the author has a clean way of expressing herself that fits perfectly in this era?
Until The Harvest is a refreshing unique read filled with realistic descriptions and characters and crisp Biblical truth. Different from the typical historical.
And you can buy it here.
From the Back Cover:
When family tragedy derails Henry Phillips's college studies, he's left unmorred and feeling abandoned. The only things than can tamp down his grief are the family farm, his fiddle, and an unexpected friendship with sweet but unusual preteen Mayfair Hoffman.
Unfortunately, Mayfair's older sister, Margaret, despite her spray of freckles and cute, turned-up nose, has a completely different effect. His grandmother's caretaker, Margaret is always around, ready to push his buttons, and it seems at first that she doesn't care about his troubles.
Henry soon realizes, though, that Margaret's facing her own struggles. Mayfair's health and unique gift sit at the heart of those worries. Henry and Margaret soon find themselves relying on each other as potential tragedy collides with growing hope in a warm story of family bonds and the surprising ways healing finds us all.
*I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my HONEST review.*

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