Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Some Fun News from ACFW

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or if you've talked to me in the past few days, you know someone found the only "grownup" wallet I've ever owned and used the stuff inside to go on a shopping spree.

This seriously deflated me.

Then God, in His perfect way, did something to cheer me up.

He's allowed me to be a SEMI-FINALIST in the Romance category AND the Contemporary category in the 2015 ACFW Genesis contest!
I wanted this so badly, especially considering I'm attending my first ACFW conference this year in Texas. 


What's so special about ACFW? Well, let's see...it's the organization that brings ALL the Inspirational Fiction writers together. And publishers. And agents.
It's an organization respected by publishers. And agents.
The conference is attended by publishers. And agents. (Including mine. Can't wait to meet her!)
Plus, I've come to know a multitude of cool, crazy people because of ACFW. Being chosen as a semi-finalist is a step forward in this whole writing journey that I'd prayed to take.
The Lord let me, and I'm beyond elated!
Are you having a bit of a bad day? Did someone steal your wallet? Or break your spirit?
That kind of pain stings. No erasing that. But the Lord does have a way of
 comforting us in the way we need Him to.
Not always in a huge way. Not always in a way we can announce to the world.
But in His perfect way. Sometimes in a quiet way. But always in the right way.
Congrats to ALL the semi-finalists!


  1. This is so awesome! Love this!

    And I'm sorry someone stole your wallet. :s Maybe they'll find out who you are and see some of your writing about the Lord, become convicted and give their life to Jesus!

    1. That's the kind of perspective I need. Thank you, Natalie. :) It'll all work out.
      Thanks for commenting, fellow semi-finalist!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Preslaysa! Congrats to you as well !