Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Reader...

"...I married Him."

You know I write romance, right? And read it. And live it.
(Call me biased, but this would make a great book cover, don't you agree??)
This guy, this one I've committed to for the rest of my days, is amazing. We're opposites in most every way. Can you believe I'm married to someone who doesn't like to read? Crazy, huh? But he supports my writing--he's taking me to the ACFW Conference in September.

My nephews are pretty cute too.
My favorite shot of my hilarious bridesmaids

This year has been one huge blessing. More than I could've dreamed up in my head for sure.
These days, now that married life is settling in, I'm itching to write. Actually, I'm itching to finish revising my second novel, the one that's becoming SO much more than I initially planned. One of these days, once contest rules don't prevent me, I'm going to share about that book. :0)
*Side-note: If you're thinking this post has no point, you might be right. But what kind of blog-owner would I be if I didn't share wedding photos?*
Life's good right now, folks. More than good. The kind of good that inspires this writer.

This spring has offered the push I needed--the momentum necessary to work even harder at this publishing dream of mine.
Be prepared for some fun things here. Like giveaways! Over the summer, you'll have a chance to win a number of books! (Plus bookmarks.)
Until then, enjoy the overload of pictures!


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