Saturday, March 28, 2015

Buttercups Before "I Do"

The time is coming. In exactly three weeks, my name will change to match this guy's.
We've walked through a lot together, so it's fitting that today we walked through a field of buttercups. Beautiful, beautiful buttercups.
And he glanced at me, and I glanced up ('cause he's super tall) at him.
And we laughed. ('cause we aren't used to a photographer snapping pictures as we walk).

This guy is my best friend, the one I grew up with.
The one I'm happy to be with for as long as God allows.

My little girl mind never could conjure up an image of the man I'd marry. I'd read romance novels, but I never could picture myself with any of the heroes. I never could imagine what my "I do" moment would look like.
I can now.
This guy and I met in church. He still remembers the purple sweater I was wearing (which is impressive for a colorblind boy). I still remember our first "date" at the county fair with friends and family.
We're alike in the way we're both, for the most part, laid back. We both love Southern Gospel music, and we've attended too many singings together to count. This guy can, in fact, sing, but he doesn't in public.
He makes me braver, because he tells me to stop worrying about what others think. He makes me wiser by reminding me I don't always have to react. He makes me laugh and thank the Lord daily for bringing us together.
We're different, he and I, but we're the same in all that matters.
Because we're both rooted in the Foundation that cannot fail.
As lovey-dovey as my days seem now, I'm absolutely sure marriage will be quite a bit different than a walk through a buttercup field. I'm sure his knack for purposely doing those things that annoy (like chomping on chips) will prick my nerves. I'm sure some days we'll argue and maybe say things we shouldn't.
But I'm also sure the Lord is in this, and He is more than able to help us stand as one.
Love isn't swirly hearts or even a kiss--instead it's a decision to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of someone else.
I want that kind of forever love with him. The kind that sticks around despite any amount of disagreement. The kind that the Lord showed when He chose the cross to save me.  

I want to say, "I do."


  1. Oh how precious! Love love love your pictures!!! I think there's nothing sweeter than a "best friends" love story with God at the center.

    I'm trying to pick a favorite photo, but I can't. That last one was the perfect one to end with, though. :) Y'all's smiles are so adorable!

  2. Thanks, Natalie!!!
    I don't pretend to understand God's timing, but I've been thinking my writing journey has "slowed" to make time for this new journey. (That might be fodder for another post.)

    In the last picture, you might be able to tell the Jessa/Ben Duggar/Seewald photo pose was our inspiration. It might be my favorite, just because our smiles were sweetly genuine.