Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Like A Flower In Bloom by Siri Mitchell

Siri Mitchell pens historicals rich in detail. I've read nearly all of her novels, and although Like A Flower In Bloom wasn't my favorite, I did enjoy meeting such an intriguing heroine. Charlotte Withersby has a scientific brain, one that isn't versed in social niceties. She's grown up helping her father in his work as a botanist. Her uncle, however, believes she needs to dedicate herself to finding a husband.
The characters were well-drawn, my favorite being Miss Templeton. I liked Mr. Trimble, but his relationship with Charlotte seemed lacking in connection. I knew they should be together, but I didn't feel as if they should be together.
This novel is different from most I read in the sense that only the heroine's perspective is shown. Also, romance is more a thread than the entire fabric of the story. Many readers will find this a plus, I'm sure. Since Charlotte isn't a woman given to emotion, I suppose it fits that her story is not overly emotional.
While I enjoyed the story, some parts lagged. Because of that, many days passed before I was able to finish. Still, I look forward to the next book.
Fans of pure historical fiction will surely find this novel enticing. I, on the other hand, enjoyed Mitchell's Love Comes Calling much more.
It's all her uncle's fault. For years Charlotte Withersby has been free to pursue her love of plants and flowers by assisting her botanist father. But now that she's reached the old age of twenty-two, an intrusive uncle has convinced her father that Charlotte's future--the only proper future for a woman--is to be a wife and mother, not a scholar.
Her father is so dependent on her assistance that Charlotte believes he'll soon change his mind...and then Edward Trimble shows up. A long-time botany correspondent in the South Pacific, Trimble arrives ready to step in as assistant so that Charlotte can step out into proper society--a world that baffles her with its unwritten rules, inexplicable expectations, and confounding fashion.
Things aren't perfectly smooth between Ttimble and her father, so Charlotte hatches a last gasp plan. She'll pretend such an interest in marriage that the thought of losing her will make her father welcome her back. Only things go quickly awry, and she realizes that the one man who recognizes her intelligence is also the person she's most angry with: Edward Trimble, her supposed rival. Suddenly juggling more suitors than she knows what to do with, Charlotte is caught in a trap of her own making. Will she have no choice but to leave her beloved flowers behind?
*I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.*


  1. Thanks for an honest review! I admit I've been gun-shy of Siri Mitchell's books since reading Love's Pursuit... I had never read her work and was expecting a romance. Ended up crying a couple days straight. lol

    She has a gift for narration and emotion, though, and I can see how fans of straight-up historical fiction would devour her books. Good review.

    1. Oh, Love's Pursuit hurt me! I'm a happy ending kind of girl.
      My favorite of hers is probably She Walks In Beauty. My next fav is Love Comes Calling.

      Like A Flower In Bloom ends well enough, but the plot simply didn't hold my attention as much as I desired.

      Still, Siri Mitchell has amazing talent for penning a novel.

  2. I think this book shows Siri's genius with keeping in the voice of her character. Even though Charlotte was extremely eccentric, Siri wrote her in a way that allowed every reader to understand her. I do agree with your views on Mr. Trimble. That thread needed more substance to it, though I do suppose his hands were tied somewhat do to his own situation that needed to be resolved.

    1. You're so right. Charlotte's voice was perfect--witty in its social awkwardness. :)
      Thanks for commenting, Christina!

  3. Hi Courtney,

    I'm a friend of Natalie's, and I stumbled upon your blog via her blog. :) You are right, She Walks in Beauty was a lovely book. I remember being engaged till the very end--it was one of those books that you didn't want to put down. :) I have two other books by Siri Mitchell--A Constant Heart and A Heart Most Worthy. But they are still on my to read list, which seems to be a never-ending list...lol. :)

    1. Yay! Glad you found me. Oh yes, She Walks In Beauty was, coincidentally, beautiful.