Thursday, January 29, 2015

Whenever You Forget

I’ve thought about you, dear blog, throughout this wintry month. In between hours spent fulfilling the duties of a receptionist and trying to find the perfect first home, I’ve imagined what I would write about if I took the time to blog.
However, imagining writing never does quite get the task done.
Something happened today though. A few somethings, to be honest. Today a precious hope—not related to writing—was crushed. Today I tossed my phone and peered up at the ceiling as if God were above me instead of in my heart. I wagged a metaphorical finger at Him, my hurt fresh, my disrespect loose.  Why’d You let me go to all this trouble for nothing?
You see, I had a goal. A solid, tangible goal moments from being reached. But that door is now shut. For now anyway.
And for a little while, I wallowed. Disappointment stinks worse than sauerkraut, y'all.
But when you know the One who experiences your disappointment long before you do, the One who understands every frustration, you have the power to rise out of melancholy. What merit does my problem have compared to an eternity in heaven? What value is there in moping because things didn’t turn out? Especially over something I will probably one day consider trivial.
  The Lord understands when we’re upset, but that doesn’t mean He’s given us the right to stay that way. He wants more for us than time spent wailing about our messed-up plan.
Whenever I forget that truth, He nudges me with reminders (some of them not-so-subtle) that I’m pretty blessed.
So whenever your plans sour and rot, remember He’s still the Master of every day. He still cares for the sparrow. He’s still watching over you.
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Today might stink.
But eternity with Him never will.

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  1. Waiting on an important goal is so hard. And waiting comes into every season of our lives. :s Then when there's disappointment... Well, Proverbs 13:12 says it best. "Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life."

    This is such an encouraging post and so relateable! I have to share this one.