Monday, January 12, 2015


Been pretty quiet here lately, huh? After December’s busyness, I have to admit I’ve procrastinated writing my next post. But here I am, returning to talk about expectations.

I have a few for 2015:
  • I expect to marry my best friend.
  • To completely finish my second book and start on the third.
  • To enter three unpublished contests. (I’ve already entered one. Yay!)
  • To serve more in my church.

The thing is, these expectations make for a bit of chaos.

*Getting married means planning a wedding. And let me tell you—I never was the girl who dreamed of her perfect wedding. I dreamed of marriage, but the big ceremony ordeal never was my thing. Suddenly I have to choose bridesmaids and dresses, colors, decorations, music…
Do I want a chocolate fountain? (My tightwad self says nope.) Can I slip in some “bookish” details? (Paper flowers, anyone?)
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Before the ring had even warmed on my finger, folks were asking if we’d set a date.
 No, we haven’t. It’s a tad overwhelming. Per my sister’s instruction, I’ve started a wedding notebook. Of course, I’d be fine with simply picking out a dress, lighting a few candles at the church, and having the ceremony on a Friday night. Flowers and cake never were my thing.

*Finishing my second book shouldn’t be too incredibly difficult. (Ha.) At least this one doesn’t need three or so drafts like my first did.

*Entering contests is fun for me. That won’t be too jolting. Except one of them calls for a ONE-page synopsis. That’s scary, y’all. Good thing I have my friend Natalie to help me out with that part. J

*Serving more in my church will be a blessing, I know. Though I’m an introvert, I do like babies and kids. One of the best moments has been listening to them sing Bible songs. One girl knew more verses of “Joy to the World” than I did!

With these expectations can come stress. Especially the “getting married and moving out” part. The key, I think, will be simplifying as much as possible and relying on the Lord completely.  This year has the potential to be amazing. Breathtaking. Unforgettable.

I’m praying all of us remember only God’s expectations truly matter. He won’t care if we have a chocolate fountain at the reception—He’s more interested in whether or not we include Him in the marriage.

May we all put Him first in 2015 and dedicate every single day to giving Him honor.

And may stress stay far, far away.

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  1. These are worthy expectations!!!

    Mine are to finish my second book, plot and write a proposal for the third, attend a writer's conference, and read more devotional books along with fiction. I'm reading Lady In Waiting right now and it's marvelous for ladies in any type of waiting period in life.

    I'm excited to help out with the synopsis! :)

    Mmmm! Chocolate sounds really good right now!