Saturday, December 13, 2014

Part Three of The Booklover's Christmas Giveaway - Smitten Series

Well folks, it's week three of our merry giveaway!
We've already given away The Westward Christmas Brides Collection and the Hope for the Holidays historical and contemporary novella collections.

Now you could win the Smitten three-book series!

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Throughout December we're offering you chances to win:
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Less than two weeks until Christmas. Can you believe that?
I'm looking forward to turkey and dressing and hanging out with my nieces and nephews (and the rest of the family too).

Any of y'all have a favorite Christmas movie?
Mine isn't technically Christmas-related, but I LOVE While You Were Sleeping. ("These mashed potatoes are so creamy!")

Awww, I love Christmas!


  1. I love MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS & LITTLE WOMEN. They may not exactly be Christmas movies, but Christmas plays a big part in them, and I just love those scenes! Brings back memories of watching them when I was little! :) Especially those old time-y pretty dresses. :)

    The old 1950s Grinch cartoon is also one of my favorites. Classic. :)

    1. I've never seen either one of those. Oh my goodness. Must check them out!
      I HAVE seen the Grinch. He always freaked me out. Ha!

  2. I shared on Twitter. :)

  3. Okay...that comment posted weird. :) Anyway, I also wanted to share that my favorite Christmas movies are "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Both make me CRY! :) My husband and I also love watching "Groundhog Day." I know it has nothing to do with Christmas, but there are so many snowy activities. :)

    1. LOVE Charlie Brown! We've watched that since we were little kids.
      I remember trying to watch It's A Wonderful Life when I was younger on Christmas Eve, but I fell asleep. I'm going to try again this year!
      Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Shared on Twitter again today.

    PS Definitely try to watch It's A Wonderful Life. It really is worth it. :) Believe it or not, it is my husband's FAVORITE. He's a real romantic.