Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When You're In Between

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Ever feel like you're stuck in the middle? Past the starting point, possibly on the verge of something amazing?

Autumn is my favorite season because of its mildness. Summer and winter (spring hardly exists in the South) are too extreme. I like the calm of fall. The anticipation of the holidays to come. The planning of whose house we'll have Thanksgiving at and how we'll secretly buy Christmas presents.

Right now, I'm in a metaphorical autumn season. Anticipating happy news like my nieces and nephews anticipate birthday parties. The trouble is, I've no guarantee of that happy news coming. Will the novel currently on editors' desks be published? 

I don't know. And that's unnerving. Ha!

There are a few folks who believe that success will come, and it wouldn't be fun to disappoint them. 

But the Lord created the seasons, literal and otherwise. He understands my anticipation/nerves/impatience because He made me. He knew one day I'd have a "Every is messed up" kind of meltdown. And He knew how to encourage me by whispering through the Holy Spirit, "Hold on a little bit. I'm here, and I've got this."

He knows how to calm me to the point where I can remember He already knows what tomorrow holds

Sure, I'm in an in-between stage. Working on a new project while I wonder what will happen to the former one. But this can be a fun season. I can trust Him and anticipate my "Christmas morning."

He is the greatest giver of gifts. He's the most generous grace-extender. He's the One who always listens. Who always cares. He's going to carry me over to the next season.

But not until I'm ready. Not until I'm where He wants me to be. 

Are you in an in-between period? Have you just come out of one? Any advice (beyond stop checking your email for that email)?


  1. Investigate self publishing options. It might suit you better and if it isn't your first choice it is a way to be sure of getting published in the end.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Adrian! My agent and I are still in the beginning stages of shopping to editors, so I'm not considering self-pub yet.
      But maybe one day. :) God knows.

  2. Well done, if you have an agent investing their time with you who must have read your work you must have something with commercial potential!

  3. This is beautiful, Courtney!

    I'm learning these waiting seasons are a time for seeking God (praying), soul-searching (proving), singing (praise), strengthening (preparation) and service (practicing). I'm speaking to a group of single ladies at a conference in February on the subject of waiting, and the Lord seems to really be testing me in preparation for it, haha! Seems like every aspect of my life is "in the waiting" right now. But God is ALWAYS working! My daddy says, "He's always up to something." :)

    Your devotional posts and writerly confessions always minister to me. Thank you for your stepping out there and writing posts that speak to the heart!

    1. You should do a post on that--praying, proving, praise, preparation, and practicing. That's so true.
      I think one day we'll both look back and think, "What were we so worried about?"

      God's got this all figured out, and that's comforting. He's given us blessed lives to enjoy, and I'm doing my best to concentrate on that and be content, especially with Thanksgiving coming.

      I'm relieved to hear you like these posts. They do make me a tad nervous, but as long as God uses them, I'll write.them. :)