Monday, November 24, 2014

To Shop or Hunt

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I'm a girl with a mom and three sisters who love shopping. 

My idea of "fun" shopping is browsing through Books A Million while the others are in Marshalls or Ross or Old Navy. 
The whole Black Friday thing is odd to me.

Why yes, crawling out of bed at three in the morning in order to stand in a line for two hours sounds amaaaazing. Let's do that. The day after we give thanks. Good timing.

Sometimes I like to go--in the afternoon, after the crazies are finished tackling each other. But I don't scope out deals or even buy anything. I'm simply not a shopper.

I'm also not a hunter.

Me in 2010
 Girly girl? No.
Tomboy? Noooooo.
 2010 might be the last year I wore camo, much less hunted in it. 
Not opposed to others shooting the ducks and the deer, but I've never felt the urge to sit in the cold for hours. 

There are two choices for my Friday. I can shop (super, super early), or I can "hunt" (I feel ridiculous even typing that). Basically, I should say my options are tagging along as others shop and hunt.  

Of course, I'm considering a third option: Sit at home with a book and leftover turkey and dressin'. 

Are you a Black Friday shopper or a hunter? Or both? 

I'm a book-reader. And a food-eater. And a Christmas movie-watcher. 
We'll see if I end up in a store or the woods...or my house.  


  1. I'm not a fan of sitting or standing still in the cold ANYWHERE...especially when I'm sleepy. LOL!

    I do like to hunt, though. Mostly because I love fried deer steak. MMM!!! :) I just wish it were a quicker, simpler process. Like, they should have a hunting app to let me know where the deer is, so I can just go shoot it, get Dad to clean it, then put it in the freezer and cook some for supper and be done with it. Ha! Ha! Guess that's not very sportswoman-like. But I don't really go for the sport. I go for the food!

    I love Christmas shopping for other people!!! But I've never been Black Friday shopping and have no desire to go. I usually shop here and there all year when I find a bargain and store all the presents in my closet in bags until the tree gets up, then I start wrapping. Which reminds me, I need to start wrapping.

    Honestly, your plan of reading and eating and watching Christmas movies sounds like the BEST PLAN EVER. I'll probably be doing the between bouts of writer-guilt. Maybe I'll get the writing done so I don't feel guilty, though. Hopefully! At this point, the only way I could win NaNoWriMo would be to write around 5,000 a day. Possible. I guess I should try. It takes it out of me to just get 3,000, these days, though. Creativity gets drained all out! Guess that's when I need to stop and read!

    BTW, I'm halfway through with The Princess Spy! It's pretty intense right now!

    Back on the subject of food, I'm so excited about Thanksgiving Dinner! :D My mom, sister, and I usually get together and plan the menu, keeping old favorites adding new ones, trying different recipe twists on Thanksgiving staples. It's so fun! I think I'm definitely a foodie. :D

  2. I've never had deer, Natalie. Can you believe that? One day, I'll have to rectify that. :)

    Movies won out. I ended up watching Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. And devouring Thanksgiving leftovers.

    It WOULD wipe me out to write 5,000 words in one day. Goodness!

    The Princess Spy was sooo good!!!