Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Longing Soul

“For he satisfieth the longing soul…” (Psalms 107:9)
Last night, as I read my Bible and jotted in my prayer journal, this verse plowed into me. I’ve read through the book of Psalms multiple times. Surely I’d read this verse before. Yet I’d never seen it.

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 I possess a bit of a longing soul. I love to dream and imagine and  desire. One of my most persistent cravings is publication. Ever since last summer when a critique from a wonderful author made  me believe I could actually be a writer, I’ve been working toward that goal. There have been days when I didn’t want to look at my laptop, much less write anything, because I feared wasting my time. Then there have been days when the scenes in my stories flowed and God’s grace blanketed me.
I don’t believe I’d be where I am if the Lord didn’t want to use my writing. (Not to say I’ve reached the point of perfection—ha!) Yet my souls calls out to God. “You know this is what I’ve been dreaming of. You know I want to reach people with the stories You’ve given me. What’s taking so long?”
He’s quite patient with me. He’ll remind me that if I concentrate on Him, the rest will sort itself out.
And sometimes He’ll give me a verse like that. “…he satisfieth the longing soul…”
If my dream never comes true, if I’m no longer able to write, if all seems futile, He will still satisfy. He loves us with an everlasting love—a love deep enough to send Jesus to the cross. He is what we need. He is more fulfilling than a published novel. He is sweeter than a five-star review. He is steadfast. He is merciful. He is able.
He wants us to trust Him to satisfy our souls. To gratify our hearts. To soothe our minds.
That’s a beautiful thing.

Have you ever read a verse and felt as if you were seeing it for the first time? As if God placed it in the Bible specifically for you?

What’re you longing for today?


  1. What a beautiful post. He is enough. So many times I go looking somewhere else for fulfillment, when He is right there, ever faithful, waiting for me to turn to Him.

    Thank you for this gentle reminder!

    Today, I'm longing for motivation and for the writing tasks in front of me to not seem so huge and overwhelming. :) He can help, I know. I just need to trust Him for that inspiration and diligence to get over the hump.

    I can't remember the specific verse, but this happened with me in Ephesians 1 the other day. Great stuff! :)

    1. Thank you, Natalie!
      And I know, with the Lord's help, you're going to be able to complete all that needs doing. :)