Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet Ross

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This is how I imagined Ross, my heroine's Great Dane in The Sound of Rain. He's such a sweet, protective dog. Love him. I've always thought a Great Dane would be a great dog for a woman living alone.

Do you have any pets? Ever owned a Great Dane?

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  1. Aw! Dogs are so loveable. And I think they're very sweet, but I'm personally not exactly a dog person. I'm not a cat person, either. I'm not exactly an animal person at all, haha! I don't like all the hairy stinky drooly stuff that comes with. Though, I'd love a pet bunny--to keep outside.

    If I lived alone, I'd definitely want a sweet dog like Ross with me to keep me company.

    We used to have a little teacup pomerpoo named Pooh Bear. He was the most adorable thing. Had a lot of allergies, though, bless him. Great watch dog. Barked like crazy around strangers, but loved kids. :) Now we've got a big slobbery bloodhound/boxer mix. Dad named her A.Y.D., short for 'At Yard Dog. We call her Adie. :) She's a big ole thing.

    1. The thing is, I'm not a "big dog" person. It sounds funny, but I'm short, so I don't like the fact that they can knock me over if they jump on me. Ha!
      We have a Yorkie-Poo named Sookie. I LOVE her. She's a great guard dog. Always barking when someone comes to the door. She's very protective. Honestly, she's the best dog we've ever owned. I also have a cat - Susie - that I've had for a loooong time. Love her as well.
      But if I ever have to live alone, I'll get me a bug ole dog for protection. :)