Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gotta Read These

I simply have to! They're all on my wishlist.
Some authors I love have reviewed this book, saying they loved it--so I have to give it a try.

Such a cute cover! Beautiful cupcake.

Katie Ganshert has become a favorite author of mine. I'm not big on novellas (Ha! I just reread that. You'll laugh once you get it), but I'm going to read this one.

Becoming Bea arrived in my mailbox today. :)

Dear Mr. Knightley won two Carol awards. I must read it.

I don't know anything about this book, except I like the cover and the time period.
I'll read anything Julie Klassen writes, plain and simple.
What're you reading? Any suggestions for me?


  1. Love this list!!!

    I read the blurb of the cupcake one a couple weeks ago and have been hooked ever since!!! Made me laugh and kinda sigh all at once.

    I liked Leslie Gould's Courting Kate and now I'm really wanting to read Becoming Bea, since I have a hunch that's based off of Much Ado... by Shakespeare. Loved that story. (Doesn't the girl on Gould's cover remind you of Duck Dynasty princess Sadie Robertson? Or maybe it's just me. Very pretty, anyways.)

    Shame on me, but I haven't read ANY Klassen yet. For some reason I got the idea they were pure historical and not very romantic. I'll definitely have to try them now.

    Dear Mr. Knightly... Oh, yes. Anything Austen-inspired. And with those Carols, it HAS to be good!

    I'm just getting around to reading "It Happened At the Fair" by DeeAnne Gist. I wasn't a big fan of the pre-novella, as it seemed, well...a tad distasteful. But this one's good so far. Also on my list is the Ballantyne Legacy by Laura Frantz, An Unforseen Match by Regina Jennings, Caught In the Middle by Regina Jennings, Denise Hunter's The Convenient Groom, some Nicole Deese, Elizabeth Camden, "Doon" by Lorie Landon and Carey Corp (I can't imagine co-writing a novel! Those must be brave ladies. I'm too possessive with my plot/characters, lol), then some writing craft books. I'm WAY behind on my TBRL! :)

    1. I never thought about Gould's cover model looking like Sadie. But you're right! That story is based on Much Ado, and it's great.
      Since you've never read Klassen, you need to read The Tutor's Daughter! I'm such a fan of hers.
      Dear Mr. Knightley was soooo good. A slow beginning, but you'll love it by the end.

      I've never been able to get into anything by Gist. All of her novels are too risqué for me.
      Oh're adding to my wishlist. :)