Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet Me In St. Louis

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About three and a half hours separate me from St. Louis and the 2014 ACFW Conference. Well, that plus a chunk of cash, work responsibilities, and…scaredtotravelaloneitis (quite a serious disorder, as you can tell by the name).
I had a plan at the beginning of the year. If I somehow, by God’s mesmerizing grace, signed with an agent once I started subbing my manuscript, I’d go to the conference.
The unbelievable happened. Yet my cheap, reserved self didn’t register.
I. Am. Crazy.
Hundreds of writers, including many of my favorites, all in one place. Books and a gala and workshops. All in St. Louis.
Hey, how about we switcheroo the location, and the conference can be in Tennessee??? Awesome idea, right? I mean, sure, my town’s tiny, but we have hotels! And the best Mexican restaurant ever. And a Wal-Mart.
Okay, perhaps St. Louis is the better location.
There is a perk to staying home though. More writing time. I’m loving my WIP (featuring an injured personal trainer, her ex-boyfriend bearing a weighty secret, and the old house tying them together). Progress is happening over here. This story is getting written.
Facebook and Twitter make it easy to keep up with my author friends at ACFW anyway. Living on the bright side of the silver lining, folks.
Oh, and I’m so planning on traveling to Dallas next year—that is, if I can convince someone to drive me because I do not do traffic or air planes.
Have you ever been to a writers’ conference? St. Louis?
Think it’s a good idea for me to spend the money I would’ve used for the conference on new books??


  1. Oh my gosh! I have scaredtotravelaloneitis, too!!! :D

    Ride to Dallas with me next year!!! My mom and Dad will possibly/probably come with me, because they have close friends they like to visit there every year. You and I should totally be roommates. That'd be SO fun!!!! :)

    You could spend the money on new books...or an awesome dress for the gala next year. ;)

    1. Yes, yes, yes to Dallas!!! I can't fly (terrified of heights), so a road trip is my only option. :)
      It would be AWESOME to be roommates. We should try to get together before then too.
      I'm thinking I'll be saving a lot of money for ACFW. :)

  2. Woohoohoo! Sounds like a plan! We should definitely get together before then! I'll be looking at my calendar!