Monday, September 29, 2014

Financial Stability and My Hero Or The One Where You Meet Hudson McGraw

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There's this guy I’ve been wanting to tell y’all about. I’ve been with him for over a year now, and his quirks and flaws are quite familiar to me at this point. Sure, he’s in love with another woman, but I still claim him. He is and will forever be mine.
Because he’s fictional. (How many people thought I was crazy? Hmmm? Show of hands?)
Hudson McGraw is the cute, workaholic carpenter in my novel The Sound of Rain. He’s a solid Southern guy who’s worn out his Braves hat but is too cheap to buy another. He bought his vintage (old) refrigerator from a thrift store. He’s almost paid off his house, and he restores antique furniture when he’s not remodeling for his uncle’s construction company.
He’s got a pretty nice life going…until a certain teenager’s arrival threatens to demolish his plans.
His childhood included plenty of parental affection but not a lot of money. His dad farmed, but puny crops resulted in little profit. While the family struggled with debt, Hudson’s little boy heart resolved to never fall into a financial pit.
Work is his main focus. It isn’t God’s responsibility to make sure he can pay his bills. Nope, that’s his job, and he’s determined to stay ahead.
Creating Hudson’s character wasn’t too difficult, mostly because I can be a little, um, tight with money. I feel you, Hudson.
God’s teaching me, however, that it’s His money, and He’ll take care of me. I learned that lesson in a somewhat difficult way…and I’m actually still learning it. I took a job at a bank a while ago because the paycheck made me feel stable. Like I had control. I was a grown-up. Finally.
Trouble was I quickly became miserable. I would write in a notepad at work, adding more scenes to a book I was creating. I would visit Seekerville and long for the day I could be an author. Despite the financial stability, I didn’t feel as if I were accomplishing anything. I was living for a paycheck instead of God’s blessing. Eventually, I was able to switch to a part-time job, the one I work at now. It’s been amazing to see how the Lord has maneuvered everything so that I’m able to write while working a “normal” job.
One day I might have to return to a full-time position, but I hope I’ll always follow God’s leading instead of letting fear dictate my choices. As an unpublished writer, I’m not expecting the literary world to make me rich. All I truly want is for my books to impact someone’s life. To bring her (or him) closer to the One who craves her fellowship.
If God helps me accomplish that, I’ll count myself rich in the only way that matters.


  1. Loved this little snippet about Hudson! He's such a great hero, I can't wait for the world to meet him!!!! He's so "the boy next door," and can make you swoon at the tiniest little gesture. A bit of a control freak, yes, but I loved his softie side!

    How fun that God rearranged your job so you could write more! He's so amazing like that! :)

    1. Hudson became so much more than I first imagined. I'm glad you liked him. :) And I do look forward to sharing him with the world.

      Amen. The Lord surely is amazing.