Friday, August 22, 2014

The Never-Ending List

This past week I've had no time to write. Or blog. Or read.
I tend to become a tad grumpy when I can't write. Or blog. Or read.
Forgive me?
Next week should be less busy, meaning I'll have time to catch up on writing duties. Yay! Melissa Jagears's new novel A Bride In Store is next on my reading list, and there'll be a review as soon as I finish it.
Oh, and fun news--I'm a finalist in the RWA Lone Star Writing Contest. Yay again!
Do you get a little grumpy when you don't write/read/sleep? ;)
Is your to-do list never-ending?


  1. Oh, no! I don't think my comment went through.

    A Bride In Store is next on my TBR! I'm finishing up Tina Radcliffe's Stranded With the Rancher tonight. It's great so far! Of course, I knew it would be.

    So excited about you finaling in the Lone Star!!! That's so cool! :)

    1. I need to get Stranded With The Rancher! (Huh. That sounds a little funny, but you know what I mean.)
      Thanks:) Yes, it's a bit exciting.