Friday, August 1, 2014


Last night, as I relaxed in my cozy bed, a pillow covering my ear to block extra noise, I couldn't stop telling the Lord thank You.
If you've joined my newsletter, you know why. (And that happy news will be shared here soon...)
He is why I write what I write. Grace. His grace. With every story I try to showcase the grace He has shown me. My characters are not a bit perfect--some of them are downright ornery. Their circumstances sometimes defeat them, making them believe God isn't truly involved in their everyday lives...
But He is. I've seen Him working more and more lately. Especially after those nights I squirmed in bed, unable to get comfortable, my heart too burdened to allow peaceful sleep. He was there with me. I doubted Him, but He didn't abandon me. Instead, He used amazing blessings to show me, "Hey, I'm here, and I'm watching out for you."
Do you ever doubt Him? Do you ever roll onto your back in bed, stare at the popcorn ceiling, and ask Him to increase your faith?
He doesn't always use blessings--at least He hasn't always for me. Disasters--whether huge or small--are sometimes necessary for us to realize how much we need Him. Tragedy might pierce our hearts, but pain can shepherd us closer to Him.
I much prefer the blessings though.
Grace : God giving us what we don't deserve.
Sturdy homes. Air conditioning (especially if you live in the South). A bookcase full of your favorite novels. A church family...
He offers us grace. Have you accepted it?
My hope is that I'll always remember His goodness.
And I'll whisper many more thank you prayers.
Next week I'll fill you in on a recent example of His grace in my life.
In the meantime, how has He revealed His goodness to you recently?

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