Monday, August 4, 2014

Almost A Giveaway and What I'm Reading

Hi y'all!
Fun weekend? I about sweat to death watching a softball tournament Saturday. Church was wonderful yesterday. A guest played piano somewhat like this guy, and I was reminded that I ought to have paid more attention when I took piano lessons.
My newsletter has become a big topic for me. Partly because seeing y'all's support is so sweet. Plus, I'm planning a surprise giveaway when we reach a certain number of subscribers--only about 17 more to go!
Now let me share what I'm reading.

Image via Bing Images

After reading a couple chapters, I decided I'll purchase Sarah Loudin Thomas's next novel whenever it releases. Her style is unique, perfectly country, and even breaks a few rules. I must give her credit for using names I'd never seen before too--Casewell and Perla.
Looking forward to reading the rest of this one.
And yet I'm also not because I don't want the story to end...

Want to try this one? Go ahead here!



  1. Love your new photo!! Beautiful!

    Let me know how you like Miracle In a Dry Season. I've been eye-ing that one to read as well. Not my normal era to read about, but it looks very interesting!

    1. Thanks! I owe the photography to my sister.
      Miracle in a Dry Season isn't my normal genre either, but it's a refreshing change. I'm loving it so far.