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The Sky We Walk Upon by Lissa Marie Niederer
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The Sky We Walk Upon is a contemporary novel written by Lissa Marie Niederer. The story follows Hannah Mackenzie, a girl in her senior year of college, whose life has been somewhat ordinary until she goes on a winter vacation with a friend (a boy) and his family.
 I didn't know what to expect with this novel. I suppose it is classified as New Adult. The writing was episodic which I'm not used to, but I loved the author's description. The giant icy pond. The toilet paper rolling like a ceremonial carpet outside the outhouse. The snow. I appreciated how Ms. Niederer made the setting breathe as if it were another character in the story.

While there is no foul language, this is not your typical Christian novel. The heroine herself does not come to know the Lord until late in the book which is absolutely fine, but the spiritual aspect lacked a bit for me until about three-fourths of the way through the book. After that, the lesson of trusting God always is presented beautifully.

Let me warn you, this book will hook you once you are into it. At one point, I could not believe the direction the story had gone--I had to know what would happen next. Until the last page, I wasn't sure if the ending would satisfy me or not.
Oh goodness, I better not say anymore for fear that I'll spoil something.

Every once in a while I do like to read something different than the typical Christian fiction, so I'm happy I was able to read this one. There were a few things not to my taste, but the Biblical message was poignant. God is in control even when our scariest fears come to life. He is there. And He wants to carry us.
That, my friends, is a beautiful truth.

From the Back Cover:

Hannah Mackenzie has never given her faith, or lack thereof, a second thought. Between her mother's emotional estrangement and a seemingly uninterested man of her dreams, Hannah is too preoccupied with her worldly relationships to think about a God who may or may not exist. But when she begins to reach beyond her comfort zone, finding the hope of love in the most unexpected place, something begins to take root in Hannah's heart-something that requires her to trust in a truth that is beyond what she can touch and see. Will the ice and storms of a brutal winter prove too much for Hannah to handle? Will her fledgling faith be strong enough to carry her through the trials to come?
*I received this book free from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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