Monday, June 16, 2014

Writer's World Blog Tour

 Hey y'all!  Natalie Monk invited me to participate in a blog tour which means I'm going to share some info on my writing. I have never shared details publicly. But, since Natalie shared, I might as well be brave along with her.
Natalie is a sweet writing friend of mine who happens to be super talented!
First question:
What are you working on?
My second full-length novel since I decided to seriously pursue publication. I've plotted the major points in the story and completed a few chapters. And I have to add that I'm lovin' this story.  
Unfortunately, in order to comply with contest rules, I can't give out much information.
That doesn't mean I can't share a quote though. 
"God dipped your gray heart into His blood and made you pure. You're pure because He is pure. That's how amazing God is."
Second question. How does your work differ from others in its genre?
First, let me tell you what I write.

 Inspirational contemporary romance set in the South (the most awesome place on earth).
For this question, I have to use a quote my pastor says frequently--"Things that are different are not the same." Pretty profound, huh?  
My writing is unique because I am me.

To be more specific, I will say that my characters tend to be a little...sarcastic. To the point where I reread a section and think, "Where did that come from?" I've made myself laugh a few times which is always fun. Also, I try to create vivid characters with realistic responses to tough situations.
In my novels, you'll find imperfect heroines and heroes being molded by the Lord into the people He wants them to be.
Humor, sarcasm, and God's grace. Three of my favorite things. 

Why do you write what you do?
There is nothing else I would rather write, and these are the stories the Lord has whispered to me.
As much as I love historicals, my voice belongs in the contemporary genre.
I write inspirational fiction because I can't imagine writing a story without including the Gospel. The Lord wrote a Book to reach me, and I pray that my writing glorifies Him and His Word.
Why do I write romance? Because those are the stories I'm drawn to. A book or a movie with a romantic thread is simply better. One of my favorite Bible stories is Ruth and Boaz. I'm not ashamed of writing romance. God Himself ordained marriage.
 Ultimately, all of my stories feature characters searching for God's Will in their lives.
"God doesn't promise you won't go through storms, but He does promise to be with you while the rain's pounding the roof."

How does your writing process work?
I sit down at a keyboard and type.
My second book had no plot until I reclined on my bed with my laptop and started "interviewing" my heroine. I discovered her favorite food, her family background, why she'd chosen her career, why she hasn't married yet, etc.
Soon, I had a story. One I love and can't wait to share with everyone. I typed and typed until I had the turning points framed out. I pondered over the first sentence, then completed the first two chapters.

For my first novel, I worked through a few drafts before I shared it with my critique partners. That one was more trial-and-error. Then I revised again. Printed the entire thing out. Edited. Now a friend (see Natalie's photo above) is beta-reading for me. Soon, I'll return the favor and delve into her novel, Heart of Valor.


That is me, y'all.
Thanks for asking me to participate, Natalie!

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  1. Aww you're so sweet, Courtney! I'm proud to call you friend. Heart of Valor is coming your way soon. I know it seems like it's taking FOREVER, but hopefully I'll have it finished and ready to send tomorrow or the next day. I've about 130 pages left to mark up, then I'll put the changes into the ms document. I've recently read Jill Elizabeth Nelson's "Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point of View." I'm finding so many mistakes. Yikes!

    Love your answers to these questions!

    1. I understand the "taking forever". TSOR seemed to take forever as well. I've heard about Jill Elizabeth Nelson's book. Hmm...might be one to add to the craft book pile.

  2. Sarcastic characters are always fun! :)

  3. I think we must have a lot in common, Courtney. I'm right there with you in loving historical fiction but knowing my voice fits contemporary. And I love books set in the south, so I'll look forward to reading yours, for sure. (Sidenote: Have you ever read Rachel Hauck's Lowcountry Books? They're set in the south and they're so good!) Fun post!

    1. Wow. Melissa Tagg, commenting on my blog! Awesome.
      When my time comes to be published, I'd be honored if you read my books. :)
      I have read Rachel Hauck! I think I have a review of one on here. She has a great voice too!
      Thanks for coming by!