Monday, September 10, 2012

Over The Edge by Mary Connealy

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       This is one of my all-time favorite authors. These are the kind of books that I know I will enjoy reading. Humor, wit, cowboys, and strong females. These stories make me wish I lived back then, near a handsome cowboy ;)
Of course, I'd read the two books before this one -- I mean, duh! Reading the previous stories definitely adds to the enjoyment of reading this one. Honestly, I was soooo excited to be able to review this book that I was going to enjoy it no matter what!
Mary Connealy has a definite voice that separates her from other writers -- she is distinct. Sure, I knew somewhat what to expect, but the fun was getting there. Seth was seriously loco which added buckets of laughter to every scene.
I did, however, have an issue. . . *insert sad face here*.
The amount of talk about, um, passionate situations, was too much for me. I understood, to a point, why those feelings were shown, but they were laid on too thick for my comfort. Yes, this story is about a married couple, but still . . .I believe too much emphasis was placed on that part of marriage.
Don't get me wrong though. It's a clean book that deals with the brothers' flaws that are keeping them from trusting fully in the Lord.

I wish --Mary Connealy, please read this!--there would be another book about this family . . .let's not forget about that other brother . . .


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